Unconditional Cash Push

We carried out the financial and strategic strengthening of a social startup (1% Club) to take women out of the poverty trap with an Unconditional Monetary Push through the delivery of 300,000 Pesos ($75) per month for basic income. This was self-allocated by themselves as follows : 28% food, 18% generation or development of entrepreneurship, 16% savings and 15% in support of their children.

Outstanding results:

– More than 350 members joined the project.

– For 21% of the beneficiaries this was the only income received.

– 85% efficiency in direct delivery to beneficiaries.

– 100% of deliveries were guaranteed on time.

– 59.5% of the beneficiaries are unemployed, 18.9% are focused on entrepreneurship and 13% are i informally employed.




1% Club


53 women

With your contribution to the Unconditional Cash Push project, you contribute to building a better future and a society with more opportunities.
By donating, you will receive:

  • A donation certificate
  • Invitations, where applicable, to events related to the project
  • Informational messages

Once we confirm receipt of the funds, we will send you the certificate within the next two (2) business days

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