La Pascasia

Support of La Pascasia,  a traditional meeting point and place of reflection place for all in society via the mediums of culture, music and artistic initiatives. The offering of activities was expanded as was  the seating capacity, as the location became an increasing meeting and conversation point amidst a broader strategy to revitalise the centre of the city. Within that strategy the development accessibility to more cultural projects that derive social benefits, is a key component.

Outstanding results:

– More than 108 concerts in 1 year and 16 didactic concerts.

– 3 exhibitions by independent artists.

– 14 conversations on art and culture.

– 5 film screenings.

– 4 major gastronomic events are organized.

– 10 book club sessions.

– In only 10 months we had more than 6561 attendees.

– We benefited 334 independent artists.

– 14 formal jobs were generated.




Corporación Común y Corriente



With your contribution to the La Pascasia project, you contribute to building a better future and a society with more opportunities.
By donating, you will receive:

  • A donation certificate
  • Invitations, where applicable, to events related to the project
  • Informational messages

Once we confirm receipt of the funds, we will send you the certificate within the next two (2) business d

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