A young person sitting in front of a computer. Our social business model is based on creating shared value and measuring our success with impact indicators.

Friends of Hope

We ensure more than 2,150 hours of quality education for children and young people in vulnerable and poor conditions, focusing on the formation of principles and values. Through Social Investment, we aim to create a significant Social Impact, promote Sustainability, and work towards a better future.


Cundinamarca - Bogotá and Bolívar - Cartagena




35 children and young people (43% of them Venezuelan migrants).

With your contribution to the Friends of Hope project, you contribute to building a better future and a society with more opportunities.
By donating, you will receive:

  • A donation certificate
  • Invitations, where applicable, to events related to the project
  • Informational messages

Once we confirm receipt of the funds, we will send you the certificate within the next two (2) business days.

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